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Here’s the latest of my roughly monthly e-newsletters about Good Gardening Videos, dated today:

Youth Gardens
Just before the the National Children and Youth Garden Symposium met last month, GGVideos gathered together as many youth-garden videos as we could find to show attendees what’s being done and encourage more people to make videos of their garden. We found 18 good ones for attendees to peruse – here on our website and here on Youtube.

Learn from and be inspired by youth gardens in Seattle; Ponca City, OK; Washington, DC; Columbus, OH; Ithaca, NY; Michigan; San Antonio; Chicago; and Iowa City.


Focus on Watering

We’ve also been on the hunt for good videos about watering – not whole irrigation systems but the rarely mentioned hand-watering of assorted plants that most gardeners actually DO.
The result is our Guide to Videos about Watering, with 10 select videos and more being added as we find them.



  • “From Turfgrass to Central Florida Native Plant Landscape.”  – enjoy the inspiring transformation.
  • “Beneficial Insects, with John Dromgoole” of The Natural Gardener in Austin.
  • “How to Fill and Clean Hummingbird Feeders” is more wisdom from John Dromgoogle. We thank “Central Texas Gardener” of KLUR in Austin for John’s regular segments on the show.

Books and Magazines  

  • “Trailer for Free-Range Chicken Gardens” by Jessi Bloom.
  • “Photographing the Plants of Disneyland” goes behind the scenes of the latest issue of Garden Design Magazine.


Coming soon: Guide to Fall Lawn Care
A top mission of GGVideos is correcting the ubiquitous lawn-care misinformation promulgated largely by big-budget advertisers. An up-to-date “Guide to Fall Lawn Care” is in the works, with the help of experts like Cornell’s Dr. Frank Rossi, pictured above. It’ll be published and promoted later this month but until then, browse our 17 new videos about lawn.

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Susan Harris
on August 3, 2016 at 6:56 pm, in the category Watch Someone Else Do It.

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  1. Hi Susan,
    I am enjoying the updates on videos. Thank you for providing access to good information!
    Because I live in the high desert, I would like to see more instruction on how to conserve water by watering correctly, and by implementing wise planting methods. I have searched the web to find information on the best way to plant in a desert climate so water is captured by the plant and not does not run off. So far, not much luck!

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